Apprenticeship Tax

Invest in the future with a strong impact. What if you directed your Apprenticeship Tax towards 42 Le Havre this year?

Why support 42 Le Havre?

A lever to address recruitment challenges in the digital sector

Regardless of their industry, all companies have embarked on their digital transformation. And yet … they are still struggling to find top talent. So, helping us is contributing to facilitating recruitment in the region.

A school recognized by all digital professionals

Supporting us means ensuring that students receive cutting-edge training that leads to two recognized RNCP level 6 and 7 diplomas.

An innovative and differentiating pedagogy

And it is this methodology that allows us to deploy the initiative of your future talents, their involvement in their missions but also their tenacity, their curiosity and of course their ability to work in a group … so many strong values sought after by companies!

Support a territorial initiative

A quality school significantly contributes to the attractiveness of our region, helps retain talent, prevents its flight to other territories, and of course also attracts new talent.

Breaking away from traditional models

No selection based on academic background, experience, or age. Our students have passed the selection tests thanks to their motivation, curiosity, tenacity, logic, and ability to work as a team.

Values of inclusion

Our school is a beacon of diversity where every voice matters. We firmly believe in an environment where differences are celebrated and where everyone can express their full potential, regardless of their origin or background.

A completely tuition-free school

So you can be sure that 100% of the funds are invested in the operation of our school. All actions implemented are for the success of our 210 students. There will even be 350 of them by the end of the year.

Supporting us means:

  • Allowing us to launch work-study programs (the 2nd step in their journey)
  • Allowing us to continue organizing activities to promote digital professions
  • Allowing us to continue launching events aimed at girls to encourage more women into these professions
  • Allowing us to continue organizing events and conferences that promote human values: diversity, inclusion, and gender equality

The SOLTEA process

How to support us?


Calculation of your Apprenticeship Tax

The Apprenticeship Tax is 0.68% of the payroll. The TA includes 2 fractions with a main part of 0.59%.

The remaining 13% is to be paid to the training institution of your choice.


Opening of SOLTEA

Starting May 27, 2024


Closing date

August 2, 2024


Direct your Tax towards 42 Le Havre

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SIRET : 91336963300015

For more information:

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