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Choosing 42 is, of course, choosing excellence. But 42 is much more than that. At 42, we aim to educate students who are aware of their responsibility for the common future. This responsibility involves an ‘altruistic ethic’: always keeping the well-being of others in mind.

42 will never compromise on the values of respect, solidarity, and tolerance upon which it was founded. In a constantly evolving world, facing various crises of all kinds, these values serve as a compass for navigating the world with pride and integrity. They make a difference both in professional and personal life.

42’s proactive social policy (free tuition, openness to atypical profiles) allows students who may face social or academic difficulties to reconnect with education every year. Success at 42 is even more meaningful when it is accompanied by social mobility.

42 aims to maximize the number of women in its program without seeking to impose arbitrary parity. Gender parity is neither a goal nor an end in itself; it is a tool to diversify our student population and, beyond that, promote creativity. Women have a rightful place at 42 and in the broader field of technology.

Choosing 42 also means being chosen by 42 to become a member of a large family united by a common passion: programming. Together, we will reach the pinnacle of technical excellence while nurturing our humanism.


Access to the building can be done through a dedicated and secure elevator reserved for people with reduced mobility (PRM).

Access doors to all spaces, including restrooms, are adapted to accommodate people with reduced mobility (PRM).

Restrooms for people with reduced mobility are reserved.

Access to the floors can be done through the main building elevator, which can accommodate a person with reduced mobility (PRM).

On the computers, individuals have the option to plug in headphones or configure specific tools to follow the training in case of visual impairment.

The computer rooms (“clusters”) are designed to accommodate people with reduced mobility (PRM).

An on-site disability coordinator is available to quickly address the needs of individuals in the building, enabling them to be independent in their movements and access to training content as well as the 42 teams.


For general inquiries, you can contact the 42 team directly at contact@42lehavre.fr.

In case of an issue with a student, you can use the email address social-report@42.fr to report the problems encountered.


One cannot claim to be a different and open educational institution without having a website that matches our ambitions. The redesign of 42’s website in 2021 was an opportunity to subtly act to allow everyone to envision a future in computer science.

We have made every effort to ensure that 42’s website reflects our inclusion policy by adhering to best practices and standards for internet navigation and reading.

Our priority has been to enable everyone to project themselves at 42. For this, we have preferred inclusive writing based on double inflection and the use of epicene forms.

We wanted to celebrate one of 42’s strengths: our profiles are diverse, which is our strength. For this, we did not need artificial processes. We decided to photograph our own male and female students on campus in their everyday moments. These images now illustrate 42’s website, and we are honored by their participation.

Of course, all of this is not perfect. We will continue to update our communication materials while keeping these values in mind. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you notice any errors. Spelling, inclusivity, readability issues, etc.: we are eager to improve with your feedback.