Certified title in the National Directory of Professional Certifications (RNCP) Level 6


42 aims to make digital opportunities available to everyone, everywhere. The certification “Concepteur Développeur” in Computer Solutions Development, both for male and female developers, addresses the current and future workforce needs and provides all the necessary skills to progress either in web and mobile application development or in software application development.


  • Web and Mobile Development (Option 1)
  • Application Development (Option 2)


From the age of 18, after admission to 42 (successful completion of online games, attendance in check-ins, and validation of the Piscine), and completion of the first part of the curriculum at 42 called the Common Core.


Following the validation of the first internship (4 to 6 months) starting from level 9, you need to reach level 17 by validating the specific projects of the program, as well as your choice:

  • 2 years of apprenticeship starting from level 12
  • or 1 year of apprenticeship starting from level 14
  • or a second 6-month internship starting from level 15


Technical Needs Analysis

  • Continuously monitor various digital-related domains
  • Analyze a client’s specifications
  • Present a project to the client
  • Ensure project planning

Testing, Writing, and Corrections

  • Prepare and conduct unit tests
  • Conduct load testing / performance testing
  • Make necessary corrections based on described anomalies

Deployment and Application Maintenance

  • Deliver the product
  • Ensure information and knowledge transfer on the software
  • Implement evolutionary application maintenance
  • Program advancements

Web & Mobile Application Development (Option 1)

  • Select non-imposed technologies and become familiar with all the tools and technologies associated with web/mobile application development
  • Use corresponding libraries and/or frameworks that allow the development of web/mobile applications with existing structures and functionalities
  • Create code and algorithms to meet the expressed need

Application Software Development (Option 2)

  • Create a project following the imperative programming paradigm
  • Apply the imperative paradigm using fundamental elements of imperative programming
  • Create a project following the functional programming paradigm
  • Model a project following the object-oriented programming paradigm
  • Design software following the object-oriented programming paradigm
  • Utilize algorithms


  • Fictional professional situation, individual or team-based
  • Real professional situation, individual or team-based
  • Real professional situation in project mode
  • Practical cases
  • Conducting tests on peer projects
  • Final jury


Computer Solutions Developers and Designers can work in various types of organizations, primarily: local government, private companies, public enterprises/public institutions, consulting firms, Digital Services Companies – DSCs, and even video game development studios. As video game designers, they can also work in communication agencies, promotion and direct marketing agencies, advertising agencies, press organizations, graphic design studios, animation film studios, or as freelancers. Additionally, they can work across various industries, including government services, the military, IT and telecommunications, software development, maintenance of existing applications, and the creation of new software. They may also work in multimedia publishing or hardware construction.


Computer Solutions Developers and Designers fall under the ROME code M1805, which pertains to the profession of “computer studies and development.” They are responsible for designing, developing, and implementing an “IT application project, from the study phase to its integration, for a client or company according to functional requirements and specifications.” They might also lead development projects or coordinate teams.

According to APEC, the main factor influencing software development activity is technological: “Some developers specialize in very specific and advanced technology, while others are multi-platform developers.” The professional environment might also require these individuals to possess additional skills. For instance, developing a smartphone application involves different technical needs than designing an online video game. Hence, they can work under various job titles.

Similar Job Titles:

  • Concepteur-développeur et conceptrice-développeuse
  • Développeur et développeuse full-stack, back-end, IOS, Android, C/C++, etc.
  • Développeur et développeuse logiciel applications web et mobile
  • Développeur et développeuse informatique

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